The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting More Website Traffic in 2019

This Website Traffic Guide presents 171 actionable and doable steps that you can take right now to increase traffic to your website dramatically and, thus, bring your site to the next level.

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As your indispensable Guide, these web traffic tips and resources will help you acquire more customers, get more sales, and earn more income for you in the days and years to come.

You do not need to do all of them, but if you can do most of them, the positive changes you will find in your website’s traffic and engagement would be astonishing.

We recommend that you bookmark this page because every tip and resource in this Guide is going to be an invaluable help every time you create a new website or a new post. Also, your readers or friends would doubtless be grateful if you share this Guide with them.

  1. Create a Facebook page to promote your website.
  2. Create Pinterest boards.
  3. Promote through Pinterest pins.
  4. Promote through Tweets.
  5. Analyze deeply your competition on the first page of Google search.
  6. Convert your old posts into videos and upload on Youtube.
  7. Get compelling content ideas from BuzzSumo.
  8. Get compelling content ideas from Reddit.
  9. Upload a video summary of your long post in Youtube, then provide a link to your blog post.
  10. Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.
  11. Submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  12. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers.
  13. Create videos on Youtube.
  14. Create videos on DailyMotion.
  15. Promote on Social Network sites.
  16. Create an Instagram account to promote the website.
  17. Write captivating headlines for the your website content.
  18. Write long, information-filled articles that people would want to share.
  19. Optimize each page for on-page seo.
  20. Write a meta description for each page.
  21. Create new posts targeting long-tail keywords as well as popular keywords.
  22. Submit a high-quality guest post on reputable sites.
  23. Accept high-quality guest-posting on your own site.
  24. Post content to Linkedin.
  25. Link internally within your website.
  26. Ask your website visitors to share your content.
  27. Make sure your website is Responsive.
  28. Make sure your website loads fast.
  29. Reply to comments on your blog.
  30. Pay attention to your site’s analytic data.
  31. Be more active on social media.
  32. Optimize your old contents.
  33. Create new contents regularly.
  34. Include shareworthy infographics on your posts.
  35. Turn old blog posts into infographics.
  36. Create satellite websites.
  37. Create content that Redditors would love.
  38. Leave comments in niche forums.
  39. Run online competition or giveaways.
  40. Advertise at conferences.
  41. Create content for Slideshare.
  42. Use HARO to find great sources for your content.
  43. Teach a class on Slideshare.
  44. Teach a class on Skillshare.
  45. Start a podcast.
  46. Answer questions in Quora.
  47. Run paid ads on Google Ads.
  48. Run paid ads on Microsoft Advertising.
  49. Run paid ads on Facebook.
  50. Run paid ads on Pinterest.
  51. Run paid ads on Youtube.
  52. Run paid ads on Instagram.
  53. Run paid ads on Twitter.
  54. Do retargeting advertising.
  55. Collect email addresses and send a regular newsletter.
  56. Make sure your site visitors can subscribe to replies to their comments.
  57. Email users who abandon their shopping cart if you’re selling a product.
  58. Run an affiliate program if you’re selling a product.
  59. Get social media influencers to talk about your product.
  60. Optimize new and old content with LSI keywords.
  61. Reduce your Bounce rate by optimizing your above-the-fold content.
  62. Post long and comprehensive content.
  63. Post viral content.
  64. Post your old articles on Linkedin.
  65. Create content based on Google Trends.
  66. Create evergreen content.
  67. Publish list posts.
  68. Publish posts on interesting or useful statistics.
  69. Publish product review posts.
  70. Drive traffic by participating in forums.
  71. Use high-quality and eye-catching images on your posts.
  72. Add share buttons on your site.
  73. Publish case studies.
  74. Publish products-comparison posts.
  75. Publish comprehensive resource posts.
  76. Create content that are 10x better than your competitors.
  77. Promote your content on Outbrain.
  78. Promote your content on Taboola.
  79. Interview some well-known personalities.
  80. Be active on Facebook groups.
  81. Be active on online communities with similar niche.
  82. Offer free downloadable digital products.
  83. Offer free downloadable templates.
  84. Add a blog to your e-commerce site.
  85. Add a forum to your website.
  86. Add new content on a consistent basis.
  87. Post on Social Media on a consistent basis.
  88. Submit a press release to popular newswire websites.
  89. Submit a post on Product Hunt.
  90. Create quizzes on your website.
  91. Create polls on your website.
  92. Search for online coupons and publish them on your website.
  93. Offer giveaways regularly on your website.
  94. Leave useful comments on niche blogs.
  95. Create profiles with a link to your website on Web 2.0 sites.
  96. Add a signature with a link to your website on every email you send.
  97. Add a link to your website on your forum post signatures.
  98. Add a link to your website on your Skype status.
  99. Join a chat like ICQ and post your webpage link when appropriate to the topic.
  100. Include a link to your website on your Pinterest profile.
  101. Include a link to your website on your Twitter profile.
  102. Include a link to your website on your Instagram profile.
  103. Create a branded Facebook page with a link to your website.
  104. Use Hootsuite to automatically share your content over and over.
  105. Use Buffer to automatically share your content over and over.
  106. Use MeetEdgar to automatically share your content over and over.
  107. Participate in Twitter chats.
  108. Participate in Facebook groups.
  109. Syndicate your content to other sites.
  110. Create a Wikipedia page about you or your site.
  111. Add your articles as Wikipedia references on related topics.
  112. Create a mobile App.
  113. Create a WordPress plugin.
  114. Make a browser extension.
  115. Add images to your posts.
  116. Add videos to your posts.
  117. Create a hub at Hubpages.
  118. Make your website easy to read and navigate.
  119. Use IFTTT to share your blog posts.
  120. Use social proof to get more traffic.
  121. Track your website’s keyword rankings in Google.
  122. Add important metadata to your posts.
  123. Include a FAQ page to your website.
  124. Include a knowledge base to your website.
  125. Allow your readers to rate your posts.
  126. Submit your website to online directories.
  127. Write comprehensive ultimate guides that are better than what’s out there.
  128. Make your website’s presence felt on different social media platforms.
  129. Advertise to a lookalike audience on Facebook.
  130. Get your content retweeted on Retweetbird.
  131. Share your content on Bizsugar.
  132. Share your content on Blogengage.
  133. Share your content on ViralContentBee.
  134. Share your content on Copromote.
  135. Share your content on Triberr.
  136. Share your content on Dosplash.
  137. Share your content on Tumbler.
  138. Submit your content to The Huffington Post.
  139. Submit your content to Mashable.
  140. Embed popular youtube videos on your website with your own description.
  141. Use to ask people to visit your site for every link you share on social media.
  142. Repackage your best content into an auto-responder email course.
  143. Submit your infographics to infographic directories.
  144. Repurpose your long form content into a youtube video with your own transcription.
  145. Start an Instagram photo contest.
  146. Create a funny product or web page that people would love to talk about.
  147. Feature influencers in your posts to get them shared.
  148. Remove the date from your evergreen posts.
  149. Periodically send your old posts to your email subscribers.
  150. Create a trending post, then place a link to your evergreen posts.
  151. Update your evergreen posts regularly or when needed.
  152. Publish more original content on a consistent basis.
  153. Publish a weekly funny quote or comic page day.
  154. Write content that your visitors will want to read.
  155. Manually include related content at the end of your every post.
  156. Share interesting content on social media, not just your own content.
  157. Take advantage of #hashtags when relevant.
  158. Advertise your website in appropriate categories on Craigslist.
  159. Submit your website to local popular web directories.
  160. Keep finding popular websites and create and maintain your website’s presence there.
  161. Grow your list every day.
  162. Make sure your website has valid SSL certificate.
  163. Make sure you have enabled Twitter Cards in your content.
  164. Publish your content to News360.
  165. Share your content on Mix.
  166. Share your content on Feedly.
  167. Share your content on Pocket.
  168. Share your content on Digg.
  169. Share your content on Flipboard.
  170. Share your content on Issuu.
  171. Share your content on Mastodon.

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