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Planner February 2019

TEMPLATE #39 (February 2019 Calendar)

Layout for Planner February 2019 is in landscape format (horizontal), with gray-shaded background for the days-of-the-week heading for easy viewing. A different color-code is provided for certain days of the week so you can better organize your important tasks and assignments. Saturdays have green color code, while Sundays have red color code. Weekdays have gray color code. Small but clear numbers for the days of the month with organized multi lines enable you to have enough spaces to note down important task you need to do or event for the month. Also, a large, blank box is provided below the calendar days where you can also write down important tasks or events for the month. Can serve as your TO-DO list for all the things you need to accomplish for the month so you will not forget. Never forget an important task or event again! The weeks start with Sunday.

All the days of the month of February 2019 are on one page for easy printing. This calendar is free for download in PDF or JPG format. The DOWNLOAD LINK can be found BELOW the calendar image.

Planner February 2019


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