58 Lil Wayne Quotes – Love Or Hate Me

World is cold and deceiving


Dreams of bein' a man


Love or hate me


You've been my only friend


Shit you hear about me


Got these haters


You don't know nothin' about me


It's me againt the world


People that enjoy life


Grateful for everything that happens


Everything is meant to be
11. I look at things as ‘Everything is meant to be.


Deep and dark reasons


Shouldn't have been bor


You just live


I only listen to me


Like skateboarding


An experience that I need to have


I just do my work


Being misunderstood


Don't have to


I am my city


I thank God for every day


Trying to be better in everything


I love them for that


I will live up to it


Wherever it takes me


Always creative


From the outside looking in


I do what I wanna do


Another form of news


Love to work


What law is


You lose valuable time


Only a form of love


Can never be confined


The things I do


That will be enough


The most bizarre thing


I haved accomplished all


living or dead


Had to wait 28 years


Tearing down the past


Out of this world


To be the best


The best rap album


Make songs sound good


Don't like to stop


You stop when you die


I don't look for signs


I'm an addict


The beauty of Lil Wayne


They never quit


Not a literal genius


Every single time


Things I say


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