55 Wiz Khalifa Quotes – My Life, My Choices

too tired of just hanging on


I come from a place


Don't leave something good


not your business


there's no better revenge


I believe in music


you do not have to like me


put it on my tab


So many rings


now that I am rich


like I am going up a hill


why it is so hard to trust


Worrying is stupid


I'd look at myself


Now I could say my name


The past cannot be changed


not in a bad mood


enough middle fingers


Do not ever worry


You're not wrong


Great minds


Do what you want


Good things


Nothing is more beautiful


A million memories flashed


I lost the person


raised by a queen


The worst feeling


date that girl


you do not have to look back


they wanna be us


someone to make us happy


where love comes from


a bad day


everything i slaved for


forget them


relationships you're willing to fight for


no matter what


do it hard


the only thing we know


got so much money


really sounds crazy


they don't make em like me anymore


how people make your life better


I'm all about that money


he'll find a way


Be who you are


we're screaming inside


never cry for the same reason again


easier to pretend


like it's nothing


hard for cool people


Play something


Ball so hard


how I get so much paper


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